please excuse our hiatus…

Hello world!

Our most sincere apologies for our recent lack of dedication to modblog. Returning to the Heights as second semester seniors has taken a huge toll on our lives – academically, socially, financially, mentally, physically (M), and alcoholically.

What would you like to know? Everything, right? Well, lucky for you we have time to fill you in on all the gossip and happenings of 19B since the beginning of the spring semester. Unluckily for you, we are far too lazy to go into such detail. So, we shall speed it up for you.

JANUARY: M became crippled. MLK ruit tourny was a success for 19B participants, two of which made it pretty far in the tournament. There was a gathering at Who’s On First, in which there were several people reppin’ their city. New friends were made, old friends remained.

FEBRUARY: Chill original tart yogurt was discovered. Twitter began to take over #facebook. York peppermint patties in heart shapes could be found in every corner of the mod. The Boston Bean Pot happened… and BC won! Valentine’s Day came and went. TV shows were unreal (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was phenom). L turned 22, started birthday season, and everyone went clubbing to celebrate. G and CH had to file a police report and during that ordeal discovered that BC has their own private detectives (so Law and Order). The Sexi Mexi’s came to town and had a bonding experience with the girlzzz. 100 Days Dance came and went (and failed). Lady Gaga released her new song, “Born This Way.”

MARCH: Bahama-mamas. Spring break. That was legendary. G and S met (and touched) Michael Phelps. M went from two crutches, to one, then all of sudden (today actually) to zero crutches! One of the K’s turned 22! St. Patrick’s Day took a major toll on everyone. Another ruit tournament happened… but no noteworthy performances by anyone here. A few went to the Boston Parade in Southie, and somehow managed to a) be herded onto the T like livestock, b) pee in a sink, c) get jumped by teenage boys, d) walk about 5 miles with a crutch, e) take a limo from Southie to MA’s, and f) receive a free Chipotle burrito (thank you Dan Menache!). There was one week where dartys were able to happen, but due to a return of cold weather and snow they had to be post-poned until further notice. Pretty Little Liars had their season finale and made it to the ranks of the Grey’s Anatomy bomb episode. One of the K’s and S got stuck in an elevator with a Roggie’s Pizza delivery man for over an hour, and Ricardo the delivery man refused to share the pizza with them.

Well folks, that’s it for now. There have been several more on goings that are probably more noteworthy than our mod lives (Elizabeth Taylor passing away, the Libya situation, Toy Story 3 not winning best picture at the Oscars, Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl… just to name a few), but those are for another time.

You know you love us. Xoxo, 19B.

The ladies of 19B at the lovely, five-star Breezes Hotel in the Bahamas!


PS: remember our post about “The Lazy Song”? It is currently number 32 on iTunes. #getit


For your entertainment…

– Watch this:

– Read this:

– Listen to this: No Sleep by Wiz Khalifa

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